How It Started

Explore Beyond Travel & Tours (EBTS) came out of our own travel experiences. Always in heart is the goal of exhilirating people to go and explore the beauty of places around the globe. Traveling is learning! There is a unique beauty that lies beyond each individual horizons .There are unturned stones that remains untapped just waiting to be discovered. EBTS would like to share these mesmerizing travel experiences to everyone, thus painting a colorful chapter at least once in the life of each.

Philippine tourism has always been one of the best tour destinations in the world because of her geographic beauty, the friendliness and the hospitality of her people. Unfortunately Philippines has captured more of international rather than domestic tourists. By unveiling more of the beauty of the Philippines, EBTS will encourage our very own Filipinos to step out of their own horizons and explore the beauty that lies beyond their own.


Explore Beyond Travel and Tours (EBTS) was started on October 2018 by her owner and manager Ronita A. Cortez.The office was placed at Bulaon resettlement area near the public market and the public transport terminal center.

At first, EBTS started the on-line selling of air tickets,tour packages and hotel bookings. Then EBTS added services like arrangement of conventions with their tour & accommodations. Added also were processing of passport applications, NSO/PSA documents like birth certificates,cenomar and marriage certificates. EBTS also arrange venues for meetings of variours gatherings,planning programs and needs for occasions . EBTS also provide 24/7 assistance and monitoring of our tourist upon arrival to their destinations to secure their safe arrival and ease at the desired place. EBTS also extends helps to her tourists having matters while on their vacations.

Our Mission

To provide our clients, with a travel experience that is beyond their expectations, giving quality services that address their travel needs. Achieve for them a hassle free travel through linking them to good partners in the field, and exploring the idea of their travel and what they intend to achieve in the end .

Our Vision

To become one of the leading tour service in the Region and in the country, that provide a travel experience that is beyond their expectations that continuously open new culture, new norms, new ideas as platforms for opportunities and development in this changing world of tourism.


Explore Beyond Travel and Tours (EBTS) is a member of different travel association and groups such as :


Explore Beyond Travel and Tours (EBTS) is an active participant of MICE (Meeting,Incentive,Conference and Events) locally and internationally. MICE helps EBTS explore new markets,customers,suppliers,partners and tour packages of which all for the benefit of the clients.MICE also helps tour companies in the continuous education and changes with regards to tourism industry.